Ashbringer is the retribution paladin artifact weapon in Legion.

During the Second War, Alexandros Mograine found a crystal of darkness. He kept it secret until Lordaeron heard of the Scourge, when he showed it to the other leaders of the Silver Hand. They attempted to destroy the crystal with the power of the light, but instead transformed it itn a crystal of light. Mograine took the crystal to Ironforge, where Magni Bronzebeard forged it into Ashbringer. Later, Renault Mograine, Alexandros's son, betrayed him and stabbed him in the back with the Ashbringer. The Ashbringer was corrupted, and Alexandros was raised into undeath as leader of the Four Horsemen. Later, adventurers assaulted Naxxramas and killed Alexandros. His son Darion took the Corrupted Ashbringer. Alexandros's spirit was trapped in the blade, and Darion searched for a way to free him. During a Scourge assault on Light's Hope Chapel, Darion impaled himself with the Ashbringer, freeing his father's spirit and smiting the Scourge forces. Darion was raised into undeath as the highlord of the Death Knights of Acherus, and wieled the Ashbringer as his personal weapon. Later, Darion lead a Scourge assault on Light's Hope Chapel. However, the Ashbringer began to resist Darion, and soon Tirion Fordring arrived. He revealed to the death knights that the Lich King betrayed them, and then the Lich King arrived. Tirion was slowly choked by the Lich King until Darion threw the Ashbringer to him. Tirion purified the Ashbringer and then lashed out at the Lich King, who teleported away to Icecrown. Tirion continued to wield the Ashbringer until his death on the Broken Shore during the Burning Legion's return to Azeroth. The new highlord of the Silver Hand then took up the Ashbringer at Tirion's urging.

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