The Battle of the Broken Shore was a disastrous event on Thal'dranath, the Broken Shore, where the combined forces of the Alliance and the Horde fought Gul'dan and the Burning Legion, and was the first battle in the Broken Isles Campaign. The Argent Crusade also participated in the battle, although their leader, Tirion Fordring, was mortally wounded by Krosus.

Meanwhile, the Horde covered a ridge above the Alliance forces, which stood at the base of the Tomb of Sargeras. After a long fight, Vol'jin was mortally wounded by a felguard, and told Sylvanas Windrunner not to let the Horde die that day. She summoned val'kyr to secure injured Horde soldiers, and they retreated. Meanwhile, the Alliance attempted to retreat aboard the Skyfire, however despite their best efforts, Gul'dan summoned a fel reaver to stop the gunship, forcing King Varian Wrynn to sacrifice himself and attack the fel reaver, allowing the gunship to escape. He killed the fel reaver, and continued the fight against the demons, however he was eventually impaled by two felguards, and taken before Gul'dan, who said he would be remembered as the king who sacrificed his life for nothing, to which he replied, "For the Alliance." Gul'dan then infused Varian with fel energies, causing his body to explode, ending his life.

Vol'jin later died in Orgrimmar after proclaiming Sylvanas Warchief of the Horde. His body was burned outside of Orgrimmar, and Sylvanas honored the troll by calling out to the Horde, asking, "Who among you will help me avenge him?"

Tirion Fordring died later when the Order of the Silver Hand tried to come to his aid. They did, however, manage to obtain the Ashbringer.

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