Legion-box-art Kingdoms will burn!

This article contains spoilers relating to World of Warcraft: Legion! If you wish to avoid potential spoilers, please be cautious.

Bolvar Fordragon
Primary statistics



Undead, ressurected

Physical description



Bolvar Fordragon, as well as, the Lich King was an undead human male that died at Angrathar the Wrathgate, and was later risen. He was coronated the Lich King by Tirion Fordring, warped in the fires of the red dragonflight, showing his last acts of service in Azeroth.

When the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth for a third time, Bolvar summoned the Knights of the Ebon Blade to Icecrown Citadel. Champions of them were chosen to gain powerful weapons to help fight the Legion. A pair of these weapons were the Blades of the Fallen Prince, which a death knight would forge from the shards of Frostmourne. The second weapon was the Maw of the Damned, a life-draining axe wielded for centuries by a mo'arg. The third was Apocalypse, a runeblade created by the nathrezim that spread death and disease. After the weapons were obtained, Bolvar gave the death knights his blessing, and declared them the enforcers of his will.

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