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Chen Stormstout in the MoP cinematic
- To ask why we fight, is to ask why the leaves fall. It is in their nature...but perhaps there is a better question. Why do we fight? For friends; maintain balance, and bring harmony. But for my kind, the true question is: 'What is worth fighting for?'
 Chen Stormstout was a legendary brewmaster Monk that was born on the Wandering Isle, as a member of the famous Stormstout family.

He was also the uncle of Li Li Stormstout. After leaving the Wandering Isle, it brought him to the desert of Durotar, where he met Thrall and Vol'jin, and it was later that he takes place fighting Zandalari trolls and tending for the troll, with the Shado-Pan, in Pandaria, which he later finds, as well as finds many members of his family. 



Chen Stormstout was born perhaps about thirty-forty years before the Pandaren Campaign on Pandaria on the Wandering Isle, and grew up there. He was born a member of the famous brew-making family, the Stormstouts. He grew up on the Wandering Isle until possibly around age twenty, learning the arts of the Monk, but most of all, the brewmaster Monk. 

Chen came to be an expert brewmaster, and when he was older and at a more mature age for a pandaren, left the Wandering Isle to explore the lands beyond, starting with the red-desert of Durotar. 

Meeting Vol'jin and ThrallEdit

Chen Stormstout eventually met (with his niece Li Li) Vol'jin, a troll in the Horde, and Thrall, the, at the time, Warchief of the Horde. He was with them for a time, but then he later explored more distant lands from the Wandering Isle, and eventually came up on a mysterious land shrouded in mists, which was located south of Durotar, Kalimdor, to his calculations. 



Chen reveals himself, ready to fight the orc and human.

It was supposed that Chen Stormstout fought a human and an orc in Pandaria, a land shrouded in dense mists. He knew these as Alliance and Horde members, and once seeing them, fought them, but did not kill them, as pandaren weren't just killers. He jumped into the battle, hiding behind the serpent statues, until the orc found him with the hammer he found (urn?) and Chen hopped into battle, using his Monk skills to defeat them.


Chen grins at the incoming human and orc.

Eventually he disarmed the orc, placed it back where he found it, and the human gave his secondary weapon to the orc, and he took it, and they attempted to work together to fight the pandaren, but instead Chen was ready.  He used his moves once more, until the mists dissapeared when he did his final move, he was fully revealed, and as was the Jade Forest below them. 

It was then he most likely told himself: "What is worth fighting for?"