Template:Character infobox Cleria was a female Horse born on July 9, 1994, in the city of Lakeshire. Drasgar eventually adopted this steed and she was his horse for quite some time until the Lich King era, when war broke out upon the Scourge and the forces of Azeroth. Cleria managed to survive at least the first half of the war, until the mid-late time of the war during a battle that Drasgar decided to go on, that he knew was going to be a massacre for the Alliance forces, but he did not fight with Gazy on going on it. Just pre to the battle, Cleria seemed to be scared, so Drasgar gave her his own immunity to the Scourge's taint, so that she may never be tainted by the undead army, and prior to that, Cleria died to three arrow shots by a Scourge archer, and Drasgar saw that not only was his steed dead, he saw that his battalion was dead, and in rage and vengeance for his friends and allies, he made a flash of light, and caused a large explosion on the cliffside that the battle took place on, and just as the Scourge were about to get to the Paladin, he let it go. And the battle was over.