Specific pages must meet the suitable requirements in order to be given featured status, and have a place in the featured character poll. This article shows the guidelines and requirements for featured character.

  • Only character articles can be submitted for featured status
  • Canon articles are not valid for featured article (e.g., Varian Wrynn is not allowed)
  • Articles created during the poll are not eligible for voting and must wait until the next poll arrives
  • Every article must be neatly created with minimum requirements of an infobox, a table of contents, and a summary. For more information see our layout guide
  • Only articles created by registered users are eligible for featured character status
  • Every article that wins the featured character poll can only win once, and must be marked with the "Featured" template and archived once they are featured
  • Self votes are prohibited. We consider that cheating!
  • Cheating is also forbidden. For example, using multiple accounts to win is considered cheating, or convincing other people to vote for you. Let people decide for themselves!

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