Fourth Division of Kul Tiras
Fourth Division
Motto "For Stormwind! For Raideregam! For the Alliance!"
Seat of Power Kul Tiras, Stromgarde, Stormwind City (formerly), Raideregam City
Current Head Drasgar Emsworth
Region Raideregam Valley
Title of Rule Commander
Ruling Lords Lords of the Emsworth Family, Padin Uriall (formerly)
Founder Dalar Emsworth
Government Division
Affiliation Alliance

Kul Tiras (formerly)

Stromgarde (formerly)



The Fourth Division of Kul Tiras, or simply the Fourth Division, was a division in the Stormwind Army that was originally formed in the harbor-nation of Kul Tiras. At a point, its allegiance turned to Stromgarde, and in the more recent years, it turned to Stormwind. It was originally lead by Lord Dalar Emsworth of House Emsworth, and eventually fell into the ownership of Padin Uriall, who was not a member of House Emsworth.

After the coming of Drasgar Emsworth, Uriall gave leadership to the paladin, who soon formed the sub-organization in the Alliance and the division, the Lone Raiders. Uriall lead the Raiders into battle, until they were destroyed by the undead Scourge. The Fourth Division is now lead by High Paladin Drasgar Emsworth of House Emsworth, and currently resides and protects Raideregam City.

History Edit

The Fourth Division was originally formed in the nation of Kul Tiras, although eventually turned its allegiance to Stromgarde. In more recent years it turned to Stormwind just prior to the First War, when it was commanded by Aden Emsworth.

It truly thrived when Lord Drasgar Emsworth was the commanding leader. During this time, the Lone Raiders were formed, although not long after disbanded when nearly all of them were slain. After awhile they were remade as the Lone Raiders Reborn.

During the events of Legion, the Fourth Divison will have an encampment between Suramar and Stormheim on the Broken Isles, called the Fourth Division Offensive.

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