The Integrity

The Integrity is the name of High Paladin Lord-General Drasgar Emsworth's flagship first built just after the Northrend Campaign started. Although Drasgar was not present for all of this, the Integrity transported multiple soldiers to Howling Fjord in Northrend. Later it transported the Fourth Division to Pandaria during the Pandaria Campaign, and later transported the Fourth Division to the Blasted Lands during the Ironmarch Invasion.

The Integrity is later teleported to the Lunarfall shipyard once it is finished being constructed, and it takes the Fourth Division to Tanaan Jungle, who had been assaulting Draenor, lead by Drasgar, and protecting Lunarfall alongside its normal guards. The Integrity went with the first wave to Tanaan Jungle, alongside the Lion's Mane.


The Integrity at the Lunarfall Shipyard

Just prior to the Invasion of Tanaan it was armed and upgraded with extra powerful cannons and other weapons, as well as a shark tank and blast furnace. An additional tuskarr net was also added. 

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