The Isle of Thunder5.2 (also known as the Isle of the Thunder King) was a thundery and stormy isle just off the coast of Pandaria's Townlong Steppes in the northwestern region of the continent. The Horde and the Alliance made an impending assault on it to stop the Thunder King Lei Shen



The Isle of Thunder was once ruled by Lei Shen until he had died and the Great Sundering had eventually come, and the last Pandaren emperor Shaohao had divided Pandaria from the rest of Azeroth and, and it became its own peaceful continent, protected by the mists. However it was once a mountain until it sunk during the Great Sundering, leaving only its large peak to stay above the sea, and turn into a small island. 

Years LaterEdit

Thousands of years later the organizations of the Alliance and the Horde came to find Pandaria, as for the Isle of Thunder. They went to stop the newly-ressurected (by the Zandalari Trolls) Lei Shen from taking over Pandaria, and he eventually fell at the hands of the adventurers, once and for all. 

Raids and Other RunsEdit

Nalak the Storm LordEdit

The only world boss on the isle was Nalak the Storm Lord, whom was made by a Zandalari priest. He is located outside the portal to the Throne of Thunder, and can be fought with a group of people. 


Acording to the questlines once you hit level 90, you may do the scenarioes which eventually ends up with the Kirin Tor Offensive and the Sunreaver Onslaught making peace in front of Taran Zhu, Lord of the Shado-Pan, and joined to fight against Garrosh Hellscream5.4


The only raid on the Isle of Thunder was the Throne of Thunder, a four-part raid with 13 bosses, very much like the coming raid, Siege on Orgrimmar coming September 10. 

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