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Jaina Proudmoore, post Theramore's Fall
- Never forget Theramore.

Jaina Proudmoore was a human female Mage and Archmage of the Kirin Tor, simply leaders of Dalaran. She was a member of the Alliance Council, and was good friends with Thrall, as well as former girlfriend of Arthas Menethil

During the pre-Pandaria campaign, Jaina takes most of her time in Theramore and Dalaran, preparing for a Horde attack. After a first attack the Alliance had won, with the help of the 7th Legion, but later an arcane bomb was dropped by goblins of the Horde. Archmage Rhonin of the Kirin Tor used his magical powers to pull the bomb towards him in order to minimize damage. The bomb still destroyed most of Theramore and killed Rhonin, as well as killing many such as Jaina's apprentice Kinndy Sparkshine, Pained, Marcus Jonathan, and many others that were heroes to the Alliance. Jaina was saved by being thrown through a portal by Rhonin at the last second, however the bomb still affected her, turning her hair silver with one little streak of blonde left, and her eyes too slightly silver.

After Theramore's destruction, Jaina traveled to Dalaran, and the Council of Six made her the new head of the Kirin Tor.

During the fighting with the Horde in Pandaria, Jaina discovered some of the Sunreavers had used a portal to steal the Divine Bell from Darnassus and transport it through Dalaran to Orgrimmar. In vengeance, Jaina purged the city of the Sunreavers and declared the Kirin Tor was no longer neutral and now part of the Alliance.


"Dismantle the Horde."

Later Jaina participated in the Siege of Orgrimmar, and after Garrosh was defeated Jaina told Varian to dismantle the Horde. But instead Varian attempted to make a peace and bond that was broken between the two factions, and just barely balanced, peace was held, but if the Horde failed to uphold honor, the Alliance would end the Horde.

During the Burning Legion's third invasion of Azeroth, Jaina left the Kirin Tor after they voted to allow the Horde back in Dalaran, leaving Khadgar as the head of the Kirin Tor. She soon traveled to Kul Tiras. Jaina would later return to aid the Alliance during the Battle for Lordaeron.