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- "Do not let the dark take a hold of you - it is not a good feeling, unless you let it in. And believe me, for I have been there nearly every day of my life."

Krasgard Emsworth, formerly Jaim Loyan, is a human paladin that acts as a warrior that was the adoptive son of Drasgar and Skaitia Emsworth. He went into the Emsworth family when he was thirteen, after his parents were killed by the Scourge and he was forced to be homeless for severa lyears. From there was trained by Drasgar to become a paladin.

Soon, sometime during the Broken Isles Campaign, Krasgard went to the Broken Isles, to the Fourth Division Offensive, and went wandering around Stormheim one day. He found two golden dual swords, which became his weapons for the remainder of his life. He also participated in a battle with Drasgar, towards the end of the campaign - although he was only fifteen.

Krasgard eventually became the lord of a house called Gahoule, which was housed in Silverpine Forest, near Gilneas, the home of his adoptive mother. Sometimes he sent teams into Gilneas to perform recon on the place, and to find out whether or not it was worth retaking for the Gilneans.