Lone Raiders
The emblem of the Lone Raiders
Motto "Glory and honor for Raideregam."
Seat of Power Raideregam City
Current Head Drasgar Emsworth
Region Raideregam Valley
Title of Rule Captain
Ruling Lords Drasgar Emsworth (current), Thasiyra Arathor, Padin Uriall (former)
Founder Drasgar Emsworth
Government Army Division
Affiliation Alliance



House of Emsworth

Lone Raiders motto
- Glory and honor for Raideregam
The Lone Raiders are a sub-organization within the Alliance's Fourth Division of Kul Tiras. It was originally formed by Drasgar Emsworth during the Burning Crusade, and then lead by Padin Uriall. The first Lone Raiders were killed by the Scourge after the Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate in Dragonblight.  

Raideregam City is named in their honor. The Lone Raiders were later reformed and lead by High Paladin Drasgar Emsworth, and are now a Raideregam equivalent of Stormwind's SI:7, as well as an offensive group. Its current offensive leader is Thasiyra Arathor.  

History Edit

The Lone Raiders were originally formed near the end of the Outland events, its first leader being Padin Uriall, the former commander of the Fourth Division of Kul Tiras. They lead multiple soldiers into battle as an elite force, and often went on recon missions on an enemy force.

The first Lone Raiders were killed by the undead Scourge on Dragonblight post-Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate, its captain Padin Uriall praying to the Holy Light to protect them from the corruption the Scourge gave. After the Scourge departed from them, there was no sign of their bodies at all. The only surviving members of the Lone Raiders was Thasiyra Arathor and Jaxon Uriall, the son of Padin Uriall.

Later after the War Against the Lich King, the city of Raideregam was built by Drasgar Emsworth, and some time close to the end of the Cataclysm, the Lone Raiders were made made again. Its new primary leader was Lord Drasgar of House Emsworth, its offensive leader being Thasiyra Arathor, a veteran of the Lone Raiders' massacre during the War Against the Lich King. The Lone Raiders were now a Raideregam equivalent of Stormwind's SI:7, as well as Raideregam's primary offensive force. Their base of operations is currently in a private area in the Soldiers' District in Raideregam.

Members Edit

Current Edit

Deceased Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Lone Raiders were originally a guild in World of Warcraft made by Drasgar, which still exists as an inactive guild.
  • The Lone Raiders will probably be remade on World of Warcraft by Drasgar on Eitrigg.

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