Merlanda Emsworth
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Magi of the Kirin Tor
Bane of the Horde
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10, Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains







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1.70 meters (5'7")

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Dark green

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Alliance, Kirin Tor, (independent)



Power is a tool of destruction.
- Merlanda
Merlanda Emsworth is a human mage born to Aden and Lindara Emsworth. She is the younger sister of High Paladin-General Drasgar Emsworth. Merlanda acts as an ambassador of Ironforge - a faction in the Alliance she favors - and also a High Mage in the Kirin Tor, although she often acts independent.

Sometime during the Northrend Campaign when Merlanda had heard of several Horde attacks on the Alliance airship, the Skybreaker over Icecrown, she felt as though this was unnecessary, especially during the midst of a damning war. When a few other Horde attacks on the Alliance took place, Merlanda grew outraged at this. Even when the massacre at Angrathar the Wrathgate occured, she was still unchanged.

Just after the Lich King Arthas Menethil was slain and peace from the Scourge washed over Azeroth, Merlanda decided to spy on the Horde. After the realization that Garrosh Hellscream, a fierce warrior in the Horde, would become in charge of the Horde - and later take over as Warchief in the place of Thrall - she saw reason to end the son of Hellscream's life, as he was not to be trusted. Merlanda, at that moment, began to find power and crave it, and she went deeper into her studies as a mage so that maybe one day, she could take down Garrosh.

After the Pandaren Campaign, which Merlanda grew more outraged at Garrosh for very nearly "painting the land red", she attended the trial of Garrosh Hellscream at the Temple of the White Tiger at Kun-Lai Summit. She managed to hold onto herself for the trial, but when Warlord Zaela and the Dragonmaw arrived in Pandaria, Merlanda fought fiercely against the orcs and dragons alike.

Merlanda went with Archmage Khadgar to Draenor, where once she heard about Garrosh Hellscream, immediately began to hunt him. Furious at Thrall for killing Garrosh, Merlanda began to hunt for more power, and decided that destroying Warspear in Ashran would greatly damage the Horde. She was stopped in her lust for dominance over the Horde by her brother, Drasgar, and finally forfeited. But her lust for power and anger over the Horde only grew stronger, and vowed that one day she would put them to justice.

Later, during the War on the Broken Shore, Merlanda met with a vision of Sargeras, who bestowed upon her several demonic powers.

Biography Edit

By the time Merlanda was born in Lakeshire, her older brother Drasgar, had already been thirteen, and mature enough to begin training as whatever he wanted. He followed the Light, and Merlanda too, at a young age of five, wanted to be a paladin in the Light - as Drasgar wanted to be once he announced it to his family. Although when she was sleeping one night, with only days left before Drasgar would be leaving for Stormwind City, she was told by an unknown voice that her path was not towards the Light as a paladin, however instead as a mage.

When Merlanda was fifteen years old, she went to Stormwind to see her brother one last time - who had been a paladin for some time now, although Merlanda had not seen him for five years since of his duties and whatnot - and then took a boat to Northrend. From Valiance Keep she traveled to Dalaran to start her training as a mage in the Kirin Tor. She trained for several years, through the midst of war on Outland.

Northrend Campaign Edit

After two years in training, the Northrend Campaign erupted in Azeroth and Merlanda decided to watch the Horde closely. In Icecrown, the Skybeaker and Orgrim's Hammer - Alliance and Horde airships patrolling the Lich King's domain from the air - the Horde airship began to launch frequent attacks on the Skybreaker a couple of times per week. Merlanda was confused at this, whilst at the same time somewhat angered. It was unnecessary for the Horde to be attacking the Alliance in the midst of a war against the Scourge.

Eventually, the Horde began sabotaging Alliance camps and bases, and this infuriated Merlanda further. She was still in training, yet felt she had to do something about this. Even the Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate, Merlanda still felt that the Horde had to be stopped in some way. And once Garrosh Hellscream - a fierce commander in the Horde just recently recruited by the Warchief Thrall - challenged the Alliance to a duel in the Crusader's Coliseum, both sides losing great champions, Merlanda was infuriated even more, finally deciding the Horde were savages.

Merlanda wanted to help in the fight against the Lich King, Arthas Menethil, but her training was far from complete, although still close. She also felt that the Horde shouldn't have a right to fight the Lich King for their heinous crimes, but there was nothing she could do about it. At least not yet. After the Lich King's defeat, Merlanda finished her training three months later, and became an official mage - however she still continued to study magic, in case it would come in handy, which she knew it would.

Cataclysm Edit

When the Cataclysm, Deathwing, shattered much of Azeroth, Merlanda found not long after that Thrall had left the Horde - or at least he would be leaving it for awhile - and put Garrosh Hellscream in charge, a poor choice. The orc was fierce and courageous, however he was reckless as well. Merlanda was unhappy at this, wondering why Thrall had to leave, for she felt more comfortable with Thrall leading the Horde, even though he "allowed" them to attack the Alliance, their long-time enemies. It wasn't long after that Garrosh started his reign as Warchief, which he took the mantle of, and began committing many crimes that no one seemed to notice, except Merlanda.

Merlanda sought power. She believed that where there was power, she had to crave it. When she craved power the Horde could be brought to an end. By now, Merlanda, who was still very young - only about eighteen years old, barely a full adult - was driven mad by the want to destroy the Horde for their crimes committed. Studying deep into what she could find on magic, she quickly grew more powerful.

She saw no reason to fight the Cataclysm, like the rest of Azeroth was, and instead focused on the Horde. She launched frequent attacks on their camps near Stormwind City that they had set up for unknown reasons - possibly to attack - and even spied on the Horde in their capital, Orgrimmar, using her magics to hide her. It was risky business that Merlanda was getting into, and she risked it all. She also felt that only alone could she destroy the Horde, as having followers would only weigh her down.

Just prior to the fall of Deathwing at the Maelstrom, Merlanda sneaked into the Dalaran libraries and found books in restricted sections teaching powerful magics. She stole these books and fled back to her home base, in a vast cavern chamber somewhere in the Alterac Mountains, and began to read. After this, she grew far more powerful, and was far more confident in herself that she could bring down the savage Horde for their crimes.

Appearance Edit

Although Merlanda did not wear armor, she did wear tough cloth gear enchanted by her own magic. When she first became a mage of the Kirin Tor, around the time Merlanda began her descent to power, Merlanda wore black gear with glowing bluw shoulderpads and a glowing yellow belt. The top half of her legs were bare, and around her head she wore a headband. Her staff had blue crystals at the head, and the stick itself was wrapped in strong leather.

Personality and Traits Edit


Merlanda using her magics on Ashran

Merlanda once decided to be a paladin training with her older brother Drasgar, however found out that the magic inside of her was stronger than the Light, so she began to train as a mage in the Kirin Tor. After several years of training, she finally became a magi in the Kirin Tor, and shortly after her training became addicted to dismantling the Horde.

Merlanda, as of the Draenor events, was a very powerful mage that was constantly searching for power, in order to crave it, for she believed that when one craves power, unimaginable dominance over their enemies washes over them like a wave. She primarily specialized in Frost damage over Arcane or Fire, seeing that it damaged the Horde more than anything.

When the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth a third time, the Alliance and Horde were at each other's throats, Merlanda being at the Horde's most. Although she did partcipate in the defense of Azeroth, she was more focused on the Horde. Shortly after she met with a vision of Sargeras and received demonic powers.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Merlanda was originally chosen by the sister of the author, Boomdodger, when she first played World of Warcraft
  • Merlanda was originally the character of the author's younger sister, but was later deleted around level 20.
  • Her story is far different from what it is as of 9/1/2015

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