Mount Neverest was the tallest mountain in Kun-Lai Summit and possibly the tallest mountain in all of Pandaria. The first Pandaren emperor, Shaohao, once climbed this mountain to speak to Yu'lon the Jade Serpent for guidance on what to do to protect his country from the Great Sundering of Azeroth. About ten thousand years later it still stood as one of the oldest and tallest mountains in Pandaria, and Alliance and Horde players receive a quest from Chen Stormstout in Durotar, at the Razor Hill Watchpost, as a part of Patch 5.3: Escalation, where the player will go see an elder Pandaren, whom needs help climbing up the mountain, and then when he and the player reach the peak, the elder Pandaren will reveal that he is actually the spirit of Shaohao, and will tell the player about the one sha he could not defeat: Pride. Completing the quest will also reward the player with item level 502 boots, with stats specific to their class. 

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