Night elves are a playable race in the Alliance.

Known as the Kal'dorei in their own language, the night elves once ruled great empires several millennium before the First War. During the War of the Ancients, the night elves banded together and formed the Kal'dorei Resistance to combat Queen Azshara and the Burning Legion, resulting in the Great Sundering and the founding of the new night elf civilization at Mount Hyjal. During the Third War, Mount Hyjal was attacked by Archimonde, but the demons were repelled and the night elves joined the Alliance.

Notable night elves Edit

Night elves
Tyrande Whisperwind Malfurion stormwind Dorondaer
Tyrande Whisperwind Malfurion Stormrage Dorondaer Fadrielad
Arasdis Fadrielad

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