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Template:Player infoboxSkynlia Emsworth was born strong in the Holy Light. From birth, her hair was a bright silver and her eyes a bright blue that seemed to show her love for the Light. Later on in life, Skynlia came to embrace it fully as a priest, although at the same time saw reason not to only be compassionate, but also fight whenever necessary.

While seemingly loving and caring for those around her, at times she will act with caution and bring about the shadow within.

Summary Edit

Skynlia was born just after Archimonde was defeated on an alternate Draenor in Raideregam City with silver hair and bright blue eyes. Her father, Drasgar Emsworth, took this as a sign that she would one day be powerful in the Light. However, mere months after her birth, the Burning Legion began their third and biggest invasion of Azeroth, and Drasgar traveled to the Broken Isles to fight the Legion, in order to save Skynlia, and Azeroth itself.