Trolls are very tall and masters of voodoo. There are many types of trolls, which stand up to about seven feet. Trolls are often parts of tribes, such as the Darkspear, lead by Vol'jin. Darkspear Trolls are affiliated with the Horde.

The original tribe of the Trolls were the Zandalari (as revealed in the novel Vol'jin: Shadows of the Horde), which then other tribes such as the Gurubashi, Darkspear, and Drakkari descended from.

List of Known Troll TribesEdit

  • Zandalari - Leader: King Rastakhan
  • Amani - Leader: Zul'jin
  • Gurubashi - Leader: Bloodlord Mandokir
  • Darkspear - Leader: Vol'jin
  • Shadowtooth
  • Frostmane - Leader: Great Father Arctikus
  • Drakkari - Leader: Frost King Malakk
  • Sandfury
  • Revantusk - Leader: Primal Torntusk
  • Vilebranch - Leader: Vile Priestess Hexx
  • Smolderthorn - Leader: War Master Voone
  • Skullsplitter - Leader: Ana'thek the Cruel
  • Bloodscap - Leader: Gan'zulah
  • Atal'ai - Leader: Jammal'an the Prophet
  • Winterax - Leader: Korrak the Bloodrager

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