Template:Character infobox "I seek glory and honor for the Alliance. Just like you, Drasgar Paladinous."

―Veenix regards himself

Veenix Lothar Wrynn, his middle named after the legendary Anduin Lothar, was a human male that was the heir to the throne of Stormwind, as son of Anduin Llane Wrynn. His class of choice was the Mage, in which he trained from the Paladinous, Merlanda, and the represnetive of the Kirin Tor, Lady Jaina Proudmoore

His status eventually went into missing, after the witnesses Drasgar and Gazy saw him fall into a deep chasm, and perhaps survived the fall; was most likely crushed by debris from an ancient pandaren bridge in Pandaria. Search teams searched for him, so far with no luck at all.