Ranger Captain Velanda
Velanda Orgrimmar
Velanda participating in the Siege of Orgrimmar.
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Blood elf





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Delarr (lover), Dathren (son), Kelanda (sister), Kadrath (brother)



 Velanda was a Blood Elf Hunter who lead a squad in the Horde Army. She was the twin sister of Kelanda, younger sister of Kadrath, lover of Delarr, and mother of Dathren.

Early Adult YearsEdit

When Velanda was twenty one years old, she moved out of her family's home. She tamed her first pet: a dragonhawk which she named Alonar. Velanda and Alonar ventured to Silvermoon City, where they met a Blood Elf Paladin named Delarr. Velanda and Delarr began to fall in love with each other, and eventually Velanda and Alonar moved into Delarr's home in Orgrimmar.

Battlefield: BarrensEdit

Velanda later supported the Darkspear Rebellion against Garrosh Hellscream. She helped fight Kor'kron in the Northern Barrens along with Delarr. Her rage towards Garrosh increased when she was informed that Delarr had been killed by Kor'kron Sergeant Margof.

Siege of OrgrimmarEdit

Shortly after the events in the Barrens, Velanda infiltrated the Dranosh'ar Blockade and stole Garrosh's plans. However, the Kor'kron discovered her. They beat up Velanda and captured her. A troll rogue named Jerte infiltrated the blockade a few hours later, grabbed the plans and freed an unconscious Velanda. Jerte took Velanda to Razor Hill where she was treated for her wounds, and awoke the next morning.

Velanda travelled to Sen'jin Village and boarded a blood elf ship, the Blood Dagger. She engaged the Kor'kron fleet along with other Horde shps. Velanda and Jerte battled Sergeant Margof. They were no match though, and Margof quickly knocked Jerte off the ship. Velanda took a blow to the ribs from Margof's sword before being batted off the sinking Blood Dagger, knocking her unconscious.

Velanda was eventually found by the crew of Lor'themar Theron's flagship. Velanda was treated by Delarr, who had actually faked his death in the Barrens to escape the Kor'kron. Velanda and the other injured, including Jerte, were treated at Razor Hill. Velanda and Delarr talked and then went to Sen'jin Village to board the Silver Moon. They engaged the Kor'kron fleet once again. The battle resulted in Velanda killing Margof, who had already been mortally wounded by a druid, by shooting him with an arrow.

War on DraenorEdit

Velanda traveled to alternate Draenor and helped fight the Iron Horde across the planet. During the small Feast of Winter Veil celebration at Frostwall, Velanda became pregnant. She was forced to sit out of the rest of the battles on Draenor. Shortly after the fall of Hellfire Citadel, Velanda and Delarr returned to their home in Orgrimmar, where Velanda gave birth to their son a few months later. They named him Dathren.

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