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Warchief of da Horde, Vol'jin
Warchief of da Horde
Chieftan of da Darkspears
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About 2.1 meters

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Horde Darkspear Tribe

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Vol'jin to Varian Wrynn after becoming Warchief
- I speak for the Horde.

V ol'jin was the chief of the Darkspear Tribe―a tribe of jungle trolls. He eventually formed a rebellion against Garrosh Hellscream (as Garrosh had betrayed Vol'jin) alongside his good friends Thrall and Chen Stormstout. Alliance and Horde players are allowed to do this questline. Later, the Horde and Alliance attack Garrosh's forces, making their way through the city until they reach the Underhold - Garrosh's underground fortress beneath the streets of Orgrimmar. Garrosh is then defeated by the Alliance and Horde, and taken into custody by Taran Zhu and the Shado-Pan, where he is to be taken to Pandaria and put on trial. Thrall then makes Vol'jin the new Warchief of the Horde, the first non-orc Warchief. 


Joining the HordeEdit

The Zandalari TribeEdit

Garrosh as Warchief

Pandaren CampaignEdit

Garrosh's BetrayalEdit

Siege of OrgrimmarEdit

Warchief of da HordeEdit

Vol'jin: "The Horde needs its true Warchief, now, more then ever..."

Thrall: "Yes, but it was you that held the Horde together during this madness. It was you who kept our honor safe. If you lead, I will follow."

Vol'jin: "I am not worthy...but I will give my all. For the Horde."


azing down at Garrosh as Thrall stood over him, Vol'jin sighed in relief as he had made it through the perilous Siege of Orgrimmar. As did the other Horde leaders, and thankfully, Thrall. But he did not care for the Alliance, but they were mostly intact. It was Vol'jin's losses he cared about right now, and what of Garrosh? 

"You dissapoint me, Garrosh," Thrall said as he stood over the Mag'har orc, who tried to get up, the Tusks of Mannoroth falling off his shoulders. No longer was he Warchief. "You are not worthy of your father's legacy." The World-Shaman raised Doomhammer above his head, and was about to bring it down, until the blade of Varian's sword got into the way, the king spitting out at Thrall, "His punishment is not for you alone to decide." Thrall snarled, "I won't let you take him!" Taran Zhu's voice filled the room, "We have all suffered from his people more than any other. Let him stand trial in Pandaria. There, we will mete out justice for all."

And so it was decided. 


Vol'jin gazes into the eyes of Varian Wrynn.


Vol'jin, after becoming Warchief, is surrounded by leaders of the Horde.

Assault on the Broken ShoreEdit

Vol'jin participated in the Horde's assault on the Broken Shore when the Burning Legion returned. While the Horde was covering a ridge overlooking the Tomb of Sargeras, Vol'jin was impaled by a felguard. He was able to kill the felguard, but collapsed and broke one of his tusks. Sylvanas Windrunner saved him and had the Horde retreat. Back in Orgrimmar, Vol'jin's wounds were bandaged, although it was not enough. Vol'jin died on his throne in Grommash Hold from fel poisoning, but not before appointing Sylvanas as the next Warchief of the Horde. His body was carried outside of Orgrimmar by the Horde leaders and burned on a funeral pyre.

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