The World of Warcraft Adventure Wiki's code of conduct is a list of rules that everyone, including admins, must follow. By following these rules, you keep this wiki fun and going, and you also avoid bans or blocks! 

The Rules for Chat & Wiki

  • ABSOLUTELY no major swear words in chat or in an article, such as fuck
  • You MAY however use minor swears and impolite words, such as damn
  • Do NOT act rude towards other users, unless it is in a story that you have both agreed upon.
  • Do NOT edit other users' pages, or you will be blocked from editing
  • Have FUN on the wiki, it's not going anywhere
  • We ask that you SOCIALIZE with other people, we want this to be and stay a nice wiki that is also very friendly
  • OBEY all of these rules or be banned from editing or the chat!

​Notes for Chat

  • From time to time there will be admin meetings on the chat, you will know this when you see only admins on the chat, whether after you log in or look at the chat bar on the right-side of the page. Below are the punishments for purposely interfering
    1. If you come in accidently or purposely, we will ask you that you immediately leave, otherwise there will be no updates to our wiki until you have
    2. If you do not or say "No" then you will be kicked from the chat, and if you come back we will kick you again―you will have two chances at leaving and being kicked, but if you come back a third time we wil be forced to ban you from the chat until the admin meeting is over
    3. Note for admins during meetings: Do NOT use harsh language at the people that come on chat and during the meeting (even when nobody is on) do NOT use language or abuse your powers, or you will be demoted to an editor

Rules for the Admins

  • Though the admins should know all of this, this is a reminder for the admins and below (down to rollback) that they shouldn't be abusive of their power and such
  1. Do not abuse your power, admins, or when noticed you will be given a second chance or be demoted to editor
  2. Don't swear in chat or editing your own page or others
  3. If any of this is disobeyed, you will have to be forced to be banned for a time from the wiki, thank you