World of Warcraft Adventure: Editing is a simple guide of how to edit on this wiki―not explaining how you edit on this wiki and all others―but explaining what you must do within editing that would follow our Code of Conduct and that your articles need to stay within the boundaries of Warcraft. Following is an example of how to stay within our boundaries, and how not to, for your sake.

(CORRECT: Gazy was a Death Knight that served Arthas, but later served once again in the Alliance.) (INCORRECT: Gazy activated his lightsaber as Darth Vader appeared.)


What to Edit?

You may be wondering what you would want to edit on this wiki. Well we have the answer. You may edit about your very own World of Warcraft (Warcraft?) character, in-game or not, giving it his [her] own backstory and the battles he [she] would've fought within the Alliance [Horde]. You can also write about your own pet that classes such as Hunter and Warlock would have, and how your character would come to meet him [her] or whatever! Or maybe even your battle pets, and the battles they [it] did against others, or maybe even about your in-game mount, which may be a horse or wolf! You decide, just let it stay within the Warcraft and World of Warcraft boundaries. 

Need Help Editing?

This wiki is a fun roleplay wiki!―socialize! Who knows? You may become a good friend with other people, and eventually play with them in the game! If you need help, ask them or an admin! Whether your Alliance or Horde, and your friend is the opposing faction or not, you may become good friends with them! The possibilities are endless here! 

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