The World of Warcraft Adventure Wiki layout guide is the official guide for helping users create a neat article, and by following these guidelines correctly, a page may be eligible for featured status. Each section in this article will be marked as to whether or not it is required, recommended, or applicable. This does not always apply to pages that are non-character, as character pages are the only ones that are able to be featured, however it is recommended that everybody follows these guidelines.

Guidelines Edit

  • Notice - A notice box should be present at the top of a page if necessary. For example, if a page contains spoilers regarding the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, it should be marked with the "Legion" template, notifying users that your article contains spoilers regarding it. This is not required nor recommended, and only used if necessary. You should removed the notice once as soon as possible. Our recommendation for the Legion template is to wait a week or two after its full release before removing it
  • Infobox - The infobox is required for featured character status. It is a quick and easy way to identify a character's appearance and other information, such as birth or affiliations. For characters that are in-game players, it is recommended that a "Player infobox" is made, but if it is made for a character that does not exist as as player, or as an NPC in-game, please make a "Character infobox" template.
  • Introduction - The introduction section can also be called a summary. This section is required for featured status as it gives the readers a head start on how a character's story will play out. This introduction should be as long as need be, however not too long, as that could be considered more than a simple summary, which is what it is meant to be. Before the introduction, it is recommended that a "Quotation" be created as well, but this is not required.
  • Main article - This section is the body of your article. This is required for featured status. While it does not matter how you set this up, our recommendation is that you start with the characters Biography section, and then move on to Personality and traits, Talents and abilities, and other sections, such as Legacy.
  • Category - Every page must be marked with the correct categories for featured character status, otherwise it will not be featured in the final poll.

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