The World of Warcraft Adventure Wiki Staff, otherwise known as the World of Warcraft Adventure Council, is the current staff on this wiki, including the founder, admins, bureacrats, and rollbacks on this wiki. Following is a list of all admins. 


Boomdodger a.k.a. DrasgarEdit

  • Founder of the Wiki
  • First person to edit on the wiki
  • World of Warcraft character - Drasgar
  • Active

KaharZamet a.k.a. GazyEdit

  • Top/main admin on the Wiki
  • Second person to make an edit on the wiki
  • World of Warcraft character - Gazy
  • Active

MrPuffPuffJr a.k.a. QuinalorEdit

  • Admin
  • Third person to make an edit on the wiki
  • World of Warcraft character - Quinalor/Jaslen
  • Inactive (hopefully active soon)

​We're Hiring!Edit

We are currently hiring for sysops, bureacrats, and rollbacks! Note that you must read the rules before becoming one, and must leave a message on Boomdodger's talk or KaharZamet's talk. We currently have 3/8 admins, one inactive. 

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